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Smart Gardening


Take care of your garden from your cellphone.
We monitor your garden.


By connecting a nearby water source to the water valve, you can set up a fixed or automatic watering schedule based on your individual plants’ needs. You can also choose to override the watering system via WiFi.


You can receive alerts if your plants are getting too uncomfortably cold or hot, or if temperatures are straying from normal the normal season, so you can cover or uncover them as needed.


Soil that is too wet or too dry can be detrimental to your plants. Adjust to seasonal droughts while keeping your plant happy with settings that are just right.


BeeSprout will send alerts and suggestions to cover your plants if lighting conditions are straying from ideal.

How does it work?

Doing these 3 simple steps will take care of your garden.

  • Step 1

    Add the sensor to your garden

    Upon receiving your beautiful BeeSprout, tailored to fit your gardening needs, place the BeeSprout in a central location of the garden or pot. Then, connect the water valve to either a garden hose, a nearby sink, or any water supply of your choice. The temperature and light sensors are attached to the BeeSprout center, and the moisture sensors can be inserted into the soil for several plants in order to meet the individual plants’ needs. We recommend grouping plants based on water needs in order to optimize sensor functions.

  • Step 2

    Monitor your garden from your phone

    If you have not done so already, please download BeeSprout from the Apple App Store. Customize the app in order to access the resources that interest you and add your plants to the Internet of Things. If your watering preferences differ from default plant settings, you can also adjust settings accordingly.

  • Step 3

    Learn and enjoy gardening

    Watch tutorials, join the BeeSprout discussion forum, subscribe to our mailing list… get involved in your garden and experience the joys of homegrown herbs and vegetables! Don’t forget to check out our recipes in order to best enjoy your garden.


What our product can do for you.

Garden Monitoring

Your garden will never be left to despair. BeeSprout will keep you informed of your garden’s conditions.

iOS Application

Your personal gardening assistant can accompany you wherever you go.

WiFi Connected

No matter where you are, you and your garden will never be apart.

Tips and Tutorials

Access resources that tailor gardening to you and your lifestyle needs.

From plant to plate, be a part of our beesprout experience.

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